Formal education reaches a hidden corner of country

Ministerio de Educación Pública photo
The new school in Abrojo de Montezuma is now in service.

There are still areas of Costa Rica where there are no schools. But now there is one less area because a new structure has been erected in Abrojo de Montezuma in Corredores on the border with Panamá.

The students are native Guaymí who have been educated by television and long-distance communications.

The new school cost 130 million colons, about $260,000, and contains a computer lab, two classrooms, an administrative area and workrooms for teachers, as well as sanitary facilities.Formal education came to the area in 2003, three years after the locals agreed that their youngsters should have a broader education.

About 70 students will attend the new school.

The Guaymí or Ngobe have their largest population in Panamá, and many from Panamá come into Costa Rica as seasonal visitors to pick coffee. The women are distinctive in their colorful full dresses.

The Ministerio de Educación Pública said that the government of Japan has donated 47 million colons or about $94,000 to put in a dining area and three more classrooms

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