Gasoline prices scheduled to increase again soon

There is no surprise that motor fuel prices are increasing again.

The Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos said Tuesday that super gasoline would go up 17 colons and that plus gasoline and diesel would go up 15 colons per liter.

The agency computes the price of fuels each month based on the world petroleum price and other factors. The prices take effect when they are published in the la Gaceta official newspaper in about a week.

The increases mean that motorists who use super will pay an additional 12 U.S. cents for fuel with the new price of $5.59 a gallon. Plus users will pay an additional 11 U.S. cents for gasoline priced at $5.27 a gallon. Diesel also will be 11 cents a gallon higher at $4.99 a gallon.

Most other petroleum products also are going up, except that liquid gas is going down 4 colons a liter. That product is used extensively for cooking.

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