He’s feeding his animals non-modified corn

It is nice to see some articles on GMOs. A previous writer was correct. They are coming up everywhere. The two main constituents of all commercial animal feed in Costa Rica is GMO corn and soy. I looked for a couple of years for non-GMO feed for my animals with no luck. I ended up finding some native non-GMO corn seeds and contracting out with some organic farmers here to grow them for me. That is how bad it is.

And the other writer is way way off on the dangers of GMOs. We are not talking about crossing one variety of fruit with another to make a third type of fruit. No, this is combining different species of life that would never come together in nature. Regarding research, most research is bought and paid for by the corporations, and they subsequently own the results. Therefore if the results tendered aren’t what they are looking for, they don’t get published. Hence no studies from major universities and the like alerting us to the dangers, only ones that support GMOs.

Meanwhile every credible independent research has indicated major problems particularly with the reproductive and immune capabilities of test animals consuming GMO food. Also now we are starting to see problems agriculturally with GMO crops, which normally includes increased pesticide use and other performance issues. Not to mention, that Monsanto’s goal is to control the seed supply of the planet. We are now to believe that the company that brought us agent orange wants to save the world. Get real.

Albert Lusk
San Isidro, Heredia

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