Lawmakers view winning proposal for their new building

Partido Liberación Nacional photo
Lawmakers seem very impressed by the design.

Lawmakers got their first look Thursday at the design for what may be the new legislative building.

The design melds existing structures in the legislative complex with a new, multi-story, environmentally friendly addition.

The project is estimated to be about $76 million. The current legislative complex and buildings associated with it are in disrepair and have been condemned several times by the health ministry. Rodents and insects are thriving.

The winning design was one of 23 that were blind judged by a panel from the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos. The design is from Nagel Arquitectura S.A, which bears the name of Karin Nagel, who studied architecture at the University College in London.

The money will be handled by the Banco de Costa Rica in a way that lawmakers said they hoped provided full transparency to the public.

The selection process took two years. Lawmakers were going to rent a structure on the Circunvalación in Zapote, but that idea was rejected.

There is no clear timetable for the construction of the new building. Nor is it guaranteed that the design presented Thursday will be the one that is actually built.

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