Municipal workers to tackle informal garbage dump

Tomorrow at 6 a.m. crews from the Municipalidad de San José will head to the community in Nietos de Carazo- Hatillo with heavy machinery to clean up a lot that the locals have turned into an open dump.

The lot, which is near the Alajuelita traffic circle, was also being used to extract copper wires which is proving to have effects on the breathing of persons in the neighborhood, the municipality said. Vagrants burn off the insulation to get to the copper.

This will be the second time municipal workers have cleaned the area. They cleared 73 tons of garbage Dec. 17. The effort cost the city more than 1 million colons to complete, according to spokespersons.

The situation has since worsened, they said, and authorities have called for another cleaning followed by the addition of barriers to close the area.

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