New exhibition shows merger of architecture and drawing

An example of the work of Kéyner Segura

The title of the art exhibit is “Convergence,” which means coming together.

That is an apt description of the work by Kéyner Segura, who is a graduate architect who has made an extensive study of art, drawing and design. According to the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, the site of the exhibition:

In “Convergence,” Segura takes viewers on a journey through the last three years of his creations. This exhibit is the point of convergence of different styles and techniques explored in recent years. There is no common language for all paintings included in this collection. Styles and techniques are constantly changing and move us from one to another, showing very different messages and substance in each. This creates a dynamic and communicative approach in a unique style, as Segura paints freely, soaring from one style to another and exploring them all according to his artistic needs.

Art and architecture fuse together when artist Segura captures his imagination on canvas, said the gallery. Born in Puntarenas, Segura’s parents supported his creativity during his childhood, when they permitted him to paint murals on the walls of their home, he said. This freedom of expression laid the foundation of who he is today. Having a formal degree in architecture, and having taken numerous courses in art appreciation, drawing, and design, Segura recognized that art and architecture are closely related, said the gallery.

“I could not paint in the same way without having studied architecture. It enriches my art and my imagination,” the artist said. “They are closely intertwined and connected.”

Though inspired by modern and post-modern artists such as Fernando Carballo and César Valverde, Segura created a series of paintings motivated from his study of renown Costa Rican artist and architect, Rafael Ángel “Felo” García.

The opening is Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, located 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber airport. The exhibit continues through April 5. For more information, those interested may contact 2667-0592, 8386-6872, or email

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