Northeast U.S. bracing for possible historic storm

There will be another bump for tourism because the northeast United States is bracing for a major winter storm. Airlines have canceled hundreds of flights.

Authorities are urging people to stay home and off the roads, and said the major winter storm was potentially of historic size and strength.

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon from Maine to New York, including Boston and New York City. As much as 61 centimeters of snow is expected, about two feet.

Conditions during the height of the storm are predicted to be deadly, with temperatures below freezing, almost no visibility and wind gusts as high as 105 kph, about 65 mph.

Forecasters say the effects of this storm could rival a blizzard in 1978 that buried Boston under 69 centimeters of snow and crippled New England for days.

Due to the expected impact of a winter storm, Frontier Airlines said it has enacted guidelines for travel to, from or through Allentown, Harrisburg, New York’s LaGuardia airport and Trenton. Customers may make one itinerary change. Rules and restrictions regarding standard change fees, advance purchase, day or time applications, blackouts, and minimum or maximum stay requirements have been waived, the airline said.

The airline’s flights from Denver to San José will not be affected, but there may be a problem with feeder flights. Other airlines have waived similar rules.

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