Separate lawyers from notaries to make the system work well

I read lawyer Valverde Brenes’s advice about the do’s and don’ts to protect there property. Wow, he sugarcoats the issues and it seems to be an add for himself.

First major issue is the fact that Lawyers are also notaries! That is the 800-pound gorilla of the problem. Costa Rica must end that system ASAP or else !

As has been reported by A.M. Costa Rica over the many years, the Registro Nacional is willing to and does just collect fees and many properties have multiple owners. The former director had publicly stated that it is the court’s job to settle all the property problems not the registry’s.

I, myself, have two properties that have other owners even though my so-called lawyers followed the proper procedures. The two properties have stamped, notarized, registered planos, but one overlaps and one has others registered on the same lot. How is that possible with titled lots?  Truth be told, as A.M. Costa Rica just published the article on the Puntarenas land folks just claim property and viola. The possibility of a Gringo trying to regain his land is highly dubious at best. Costa Rica is still the wild wild West, and the major problem is/are the lawyers and a broken system.

The lawyers are basically a bad bunch and it isn’t just a few bad apples. Sadly the court system is broken, too. Panamá went away allowing lawyers to be notaries, and that cut down 80 percent of the fraud. The best way to buy land anywhere in the world is to use a title company! If there is no title insurance, don’t buy! Funny, that is the way normal Americans buy property, and banks demand it, but they come to Costa Rica, and most don’t even press there lawyers.

Sampson Valverde
San Isidro de El General and
David, Panamá
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