Six firms sign contracts to generate private power

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad signed agreements Thursday with companies who want to produce electricity and sell it to the government distributor.

Those firms seeking to generate power by wind are Inversiones Eólicas Campos Azules S.A, Inversiones Eólicas Guanacaste S.A, Vientos del Volcán S.A and Costa Rica Energy Holding S.A. These projects are in Guanacaste.

The firms seeking to build the hydro facilities are El Angel S.A. and Comercial Talamanca El General S.A.

The former monopoly telecom provider still has a monopoly on power generation, and it is grudgingly complying with a new law that allows private generation on a commercial scale.

There are a number of other firms seeking to do likewise, but the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad said they have not fully complied with all the regulations yet.

Costa Rica has to use petroleum-fired generators in the months of January through April, the country’s dry season when there is not sufficient water to keep the hydro plants at peak capacity.

The dry season also is the windy season, so the wind producers can supplement power in those months. They have said they can do so at a price much lower than the cost of petroleum generation.

Now the firms have a year to get their financing in place.

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