Sugar cane burning is all part of the experience in rural areas

It has always been problematic for me when people move to a farming community and complain about the odor of the pigs or cattle being raised. If you don’t like the odor of a farm, move somewhere else.
Burning of cane fields is not a tourist problem. Tourists who choose to visit cane farm areas in burning season is the problem. Pick a different – and just as lovely – spot in Costa Rica for your visit! Tourism operators, tell your charters to pick another location!

As to carbon neutrality, have you ever followed one of the local buses? The ones belching black smoke? Or driven through San José where traffic fumes are everywhere? Let the government regulate traffic emissions first, then pick on farming areas.

Cane farms provide employment and exportable products. Burning is a fast and easy way to keep workers safer and production costs lower. If environmentalists want to collect debris to burn for fuel, I suggest they try working through the cane fields, dodging terciapelo and avoiding the bites of insects that carry dengue and malaria. If they dare.

Victoria Torley

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