Taco-eating contest includes a $1,000 prize for winner

A hot sauce manufacturer plans a taco-eating contest, a qualifier and a final.

Not coincidentally the two events are being held in local drinking spots where the hot sauce can be neutralized by a grain and hops product.

The sponsor is Ricante, which distributes its four types of sauces to local restaurants and plans to begin shipments to the United States.

Royce Mitchell of Ricante announced the contest. The qualifier will be at Time Out Tavern in Escazú Feb. 16. The final with the three qualifiers will be at Henry’s Beach Cafe, also Escazú, March 9.

The idea is to wolf down as many tacos as possible over 10 minutes. The winner gets $1,000, but the sauce company also plans other money-raising activities for charities.

Among those who will be at the event is Peter Czerwinski, a self-described competitive eater, and an announcement that described him as an internationally known food contest winner. A handout said that Czerwinski, known as Furious Pete, has been successful in a number of contests since September 2011. The events include eating burger, pizza, chicken wings, meatballs, hot dogs and pie.

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