The confiscated cargo was not exactly top shelf alcohol

Unidad de Intervención Policial photo
That’s a lot of blue collar beer.

Police caught a man on the Caribbean coast smuggling 12,024 cans of Milwaukee’s Best beer. Honest.

There was no explanation why the man would choose to smuggle this blue collar beer. But he also had bottles of guaro on board.

Now some Milwaukee fans might argue, but this is not the beer than made the city famous, even if it is now made by the Miller Brewing Co.

The Unidad de Intervención Policial of the security ministry made the stop on the suspicion that the truck was carrying items that had not been taxed. That appeared to be the case, and the beer and guaro appear to have originated in Panamá.

Police officials said they were tipped off.

Although the beer appears to be legitimate and packaged in the cartons with the red shield, contraband alcohol sometimes is home brewed. And that can be dangerous. Police had raided several stills in the metro area in the last year. Similar contraband alcohol has caused deaths in other countries.

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