Two men die as victims of separate robberies

A store keeper in Moravia died Tuesday night, the apparent victim of an armed robber.

Meanwhile in Desamparados, investigators reported the death of an off-duty security guard who engaged robbers in a gunfight at a bus stop.

The dead man in Moravia was 74 years old, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization. He was identified by the last name of Herrera. The man operated a small store near the Moravia Parque Central. Agents do not know why a robber shot the man after getting money from the cash register.

Dead in San Rafael Arriba de Desamparados was a man with the last name of Astúa. He was waiting for a bus about 7:30 p.m. Monday when two men on a motorcycle tried to rob him. Because he was a security guard, agents said he pulled out his own weapon and fired on the robbers. He died from two bullet wounds at the bus stop.

Later agents said they identified a man who came to Hospital San Juan de Dios from the same area with a bullet wound. They said they think that Astúa shot him.

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