Unique works of two artists on display at country club

Galería Valanti photo
This is ‘Clementina,’ a Maricel Alvarado work on glass.

Two artists with two different themes and two different mediums will come together in an exhibit for Galería Valanti.  What is the thing that links the art together? Color.

Maricel Alvarado works to create three-dimensional glass works in a process called painting with light and absolute fusion.

“I work from plates of transparent glass and stained glass, glass dust and enamels,” said Ms. Alvarado.  “I cut the glass, paint them with enamels and with the glass dust and add plates of color, one on top the other, to obtain colors and different textures. Once I think that at least the first part is ready, I take it to a special stove for glass to temperatures of even 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. Every work has been baked at least twice.”

Her work represents women who are afraid to talk and positions them in a world that is honest and equal, she said.

Carlos Tapia paints acrylic on a canvas using his knowledge of architecture.  The artist studied to become an architect and draws inspiration from his background.  He also paints tropical flowers.  All his work encompasses bright colors.

The exhibition, “Color en Movimiento” was chosen by the gallery to capture a vibrant spirit for the new year.
“We have the intention to start the year full of joy, color and positivism, interpreted by two artists in different media with very good quality initiatives,” said Marta Antillón, director of Galería Valanti.

Ms. Alvarado is a seasoned artist and her work has been selected in different museums and galleries in Mexico, the United States, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Costa Rica.

This will be Tapia’s first Costa Rican showcase.  His work appeared last year in Caracas, Venezuela.  All 10 of his canvases were painted between 2010 and 2011.

The exhibit opens Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Country ArtCafé in the Costa Rican Country Club.  It will be on display until March 30.

Visits are by appointment, which can be made by phone at 2253-1659 and 8872-9181.

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