Weekend highway mishaps claim 11, four on motorcycles

Traffic mishaps claimed the lives of 11 persons over the weekend. Four were riding on motorcycles and three were pedestrians, said investigators.

In Mansión de Nicoya a 51-year-old man on a motorcycle died Saturday when his vehicle was in a collision with another. There are little details because the driver of the other vehicle fled. The victim, who had the last name of Castillo, lived on the Matambú native reserve, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. He was headed to work.

In Cartago another motorist fled after his vehicle struck a 30-year-old man near an industrial park in Tejar de Cartago. Agents identified the victim of the 2:30 a.m. Saturday mishap by the last name of Vega. The victim was in the company of another man when both tried to cross the road.

Two women died in similar circumstances Saturday night. The two women, sisters, had the last name of Gómez. They were 58 and 60, said agents. The 7:30 p.m. mishap took place in a section of Heredia called Valencia. The 24-year-old driver of the vehicle was detained for investigation.

Sunday morning the driver of a motorcycle died when his vehicle was stuck by a vehicle that fled the scene. He was identified by the last name of Picado. Another motorist saw his body shortly after midnight and called police. That was in San Ramón de Tres Ríos.

In Aserrí south of San José about 6 a.m. Sunday a 30-year-old man driving a motorcycle collided head-on with a bus. He was identified by the last name of Corrales. The accident was near the sports plaza in the community. Agents said that the motorcyclist appeared to enter the lane where the bus was going in the opposite direction.

In Parrita, four men died when two cars collided head-on and one burst into flames. That was a 2 a.m. Sunday accident in the section known as Bejuco. A man named Anchia traveling alone, died in his vehicle. The other vehicle crashed into a ditch and caught on fire. Dead were two men with the last name of Arias, both 37, and a man with the last name of Murillo, who was 32, said agents.

In Liberia a 57-year-old woman riding on a motorcycle fell in front of a truck when the motorcycle operator lost control after passing the larger vehicle. She was identified by the last name of Morales. A 10-year-old, also on the motorcycle survives, as does the driver. The accident was in Pijije de Bagaces.

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