Wildlife law lacks regulations, so no fines will be issued yet

Residents who keep wild animals in captivity are off the hook for awhile. The Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación said Tuesday that it would not begin immediately to seek out those who are in violation of a new law.

The new Ley de Vida Silvestre prohibits keeping wild animals without appropriate permission. The law, although approved, has not yet been published, but that should take place shortly.

Even though the law will be on the books quickly, the executive secretariat of the conservation agency said that the regulations to the law are not yet prepared and that no action will be taken until that is done.

Until there are regulations approved and published, the agency will not seek out to fine violators or take away animals. The regulations will cover all sorts of human contact with wildlife.

Violation can bring a fine of up to 600,000 colons or about $1,200. However, the agency said that it will publish information for persons who may have wild animals as pets or on their property so that they can take appropriate action. That will be done before issuing fines, the agency said.

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