Windy weather expected to continue for the rest of the week

The weather prediction appeared to be correct Tuesday as winds reduced somewhat in Guanacaste and the Central Valley. But there still were gusts of 78 kph recorded in the Guanacaste mountains and gusts of 50 to 60 kph in the Central Valley.

That’s a high of about 43 mph with Central Valley gusts between 31 and 37.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that windy conditions would continue for most of the week with possible gusts of 85 kph, about 58 mph, likely in the mountains.

Meanwhile, more clouds are predicted today on the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone with the possibility of some showers in the central and south Pacific.

Such weather with windy conditions is typical of the season as high pressure enters the country from the north. The major dangers are to small boats and light aircraft as well as some vulnerable buildings, particularly in Guanacaste.

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