Another Caribbean hotel and guests targeted by bandits

Another Caribbean coast hotel became the target of bandits late Wednesday. The incident was a replay of similar stickups that have plagued the coast.

According to the Judicial Investigating Organization, two bandits entered Colon Caribe, a hotel located 20 kilometers south of Limón Centro and 10 kilometers from the airport, at 11:45 p.m. The bandits gagged two security guards. Then three more bandits entered and demanded keys to the guest rooms.

The crooks then raided the rooms of three foreigners, two women from Sweden and one from Switzerland. Two Costa Rican hotel guests also were victims, the judicial agency said.

During this time, a third guard, unknown to the bandits, was able to slip away and notify the administrator of the hotel and the police.

The bandits were able to escape out the back of the property into a mangrove swamp. They left with minicomputers, suitcases with clothes, cell phones and cash that amounts to almost $875.

The crime was nearly identical to that which took place at the Hotel Samasití in Hone Creek Feb. 28. Investigators rounded up six suspects in that case and said they were part of a robbery gang. At the Samasití 18 tourists were ordered from their rooms,which were then sacked.

Agents poured into the area after a 17-year-old girl, the daughter of a store owner, was shot fatally just cross the border in Panamá.

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