Arguing over warming treads on religious beliefs

Conservative Christians will never believe that humans contribute to global warming, and it is useless to try and convince them. They believe that humans are above all other species, that God’s will has been predetermined, that the answer to everything has already been revealed, and that selected science (because it challenges some of their core beliefs with facts while not accepting the existence of God because of the lack of “facts”) is the work of the Devil.

Science is not anti-religion, it merely awaits proof according to its own set of rules and laws. Both are powerful, both are meaningful, and, in my opinion, both are important. One explains what we can, one explains what we can’t. One is faith-based, the other is proof-based, and the two cannot dialogue in a meaningful way because of that. This is neither good nor bad…. It just is. Other species adapt to their environment to survive, man adapts the environment to them. Other species use what is available to live. Man creates new materials to meet “needs” previously unimaginable. If there is a species responsible for taking the Earth from its natural order, it can only be one. That is neither science nor faith, just my conclusion.

Max Jackson
Venice, Florida,
Tres Rios de Coronado, Osa
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