Berliners protest destruction of remaining Communist wall

Protesters in Berlin are trying to stop developers from dismantling one of the longest remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall. But, they face an uphill battle.

The Berlin Wall was one of the starkest reminders of the Cold War. It was put up by Communist East Germany in 1961, to stop its citizens from fleeing to West Berlin. But today, the wall that once snaked around the whole German capital is almost entirely gone.

Except for at the East Side Gallery. Today, the one-mile-long stretch of the wall contains murals by artists from around the world.

But on Friday, construction workers began removing a 22-meter chunk of the wall, the first step in a project that aims to build a luxury apartment tower on the site.

And that has caused a stir — 200 people turned out to protest, and three were arrested.

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