Caribbean business owners were treated unfairly by story

One point in your article about crime in the Caribbean needs some edification.  The following sentence implies that the business owners in Puerto Viejo have tried to hush up the crimes that occur here.

“Understandably those in the tourism business along the Caribbean coast feared that extensive publicity of the crimes would hurt business.”

I have lived in Puerto Viejo for two and a half years and am not a business owner.  During my time here I have witnessed those people in the tourist industry here lead the fight against crime.  It has been the business leaders who started the Facebook page to track crimes in the area so that addressing crime became a priority.  It was also the business leaders who started the Facebook group to discuss and report crimes.  These people have spent untold hours and funds on the effort to reduce crime in this area and to bring the criminals to justice.  They encourage victims to report crimes and often take the victims to Bribri to do so.

Just last week, this community successfully reached the goal to raise $15,000 to install security cameras along the main road in the Puerto Viejo. In fact, at this point over $18,000 has been raised. While this was truly a community effort, it was the business leaders who began and drove the effort, even going so far as going door to door to encourage people and businesses to give.

Please do not belittle these fine people and the work they do in the community by writing a throw away sentence like the one above.  It is harmful and  unfair.

Jana Stotler
Puerto Viejo
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