Crime coverage provided information vital to decision

I would like to express my thanks for the important service you bring in reporting so well on the crime situation in the Talamanca area.

I am a foreigner (South African) married to a Tica and have lived in Santa Ana for some years. I had very much finalized the planning to start a tourism related business in the Talamanca area, and the idea was shelved because of the crime situation there. This I knew purely due to the fact that I have local family, as, like you said in A.M. Costa Rica today, crime in the area is not reported in any Tico paper.

Here is a question/suggestion that I believe can help to make the problem known and therefore force some action by the authorities.

Can you get your webmaster to incorporate a “share” link to the social media at your articles?

It will spread any news, good or bad for so many more to see and at the same time promote your paper free!

Dewald Reiners
Santa Ana
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