Cruz Roja says it will have 800 aid workers in the field for Semana Santa

Cruz Roja photo
This is a typical aid station that was erected last Semana Santa.

The Cruz Roja said Thursday it will have 800 rescue workers in the field for Semana Santa. The Holy Week vacation begins unofficially today. The police agencies also are beefing up the presence in vacation areas.

The Cruz Roja said that it would have 190 ambulances and 10 launches in service to aid and protect vacationers.

In addition there will be 169 aid stations placed strategically. The aid stations will provide humanitarian as well a medical services, said the rescue agency.

The Cruz Roja will be assisted by 120 local committees, it said.

The deployment will continue through March 31, Easter Sunday that is the last day of the Semana Santa vacation.

The Servicio Nacional de Guardacoastas also will have boats off key swimming beaches.

Although only next Thursday and Friday are legal holidays, most non-essential government workers, students and many private employees have the entire week off.

A.M. Costa Rica will publish through Thursday. Good Friday is one of the three week days of the year in which the daily newspaper is not published. Newspapers offices will be open through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

The Policía de Tránsito said that restrictions on vehicles based on the last digit of the license plate will not be enforced over Semana Santa.

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