Expats should refrain from criticizing country

I have been traveling to Costa Rica for over 15 years and have seen a great increase in expats complaining about the country and how it operates.  The comments about cane field burnings and how it A.) causes pollution, B.) disrupts driving due to the smoke, C.) people don’t like the smell, and D.) any other whining excuse to halt this long-standing practice.

These complaints and associated diatribes on how Costa Ricans should live are just the latest in an ongoing attempt to turn Costa Rica into the United States.  I personally spend approximately 50 percent of my year in Costa Rica and find the trend of expats complaining about the country disturbing since one of the reasons I spend so much time here is I enjoy and celebrate the different lifestyle of Costa Rica. If I wanted the country to be just like the U.S. I would stay in the U.S.

As a guest of Costa Rica whether permanent or tourist, I do not believe we have the right to complain about another country.  U.S. citizens are quick to take offense when someone comes to our home country and constantly complains about how it is run either politically or socially so we should keep this in mind when we talk about Costa Rica.  If an expat feels so strongly about making changes to the country I suggest they give up their U.S. citizenship, become a Costa Rican citizen and work to make the changes.  Otherwise keep quiet and thank your blessings you are allowed to live here and remember always you are guest of the Costa Rican people.

Jere Land
Houston, Texas
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