Fires that escape control are the danger this season

In partial response to the letter from the Johnsons in today’s A.M. Costa Rica but separate from it, is the concern that all of us in Guanacaste have about fires during the dry season.  To be sure, the smoke and ash from burning sugar cane fields is a nuisance, but the bigger question is their posing a fire danger in nearby fields and hills which in turn endanger lives, livestock and property.

One thing is certain.  Fireworks at this time of year do both because of embers floating to earth and to misguided explosives.  There is a time and a place in local culture for pyrotechnics.  This time of year is not one of them, and any hotel, resort or individual using them is seriously jeopardizing others not to mention abundant wildlife.

The bottom and connective line is that any fire that can be avoided in Guanacaste’s dry season must be avoided.

Kent Carthey
Playa del Coco
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