International strategy summit scheduled here June 14 to 16

Diplomats gathered Wednesday at the foreign ministry for a preview of what Costa Rica will present at a major international conference that will be held here in June.

Costa Rica’s foreign minster Enrique Castillo, told the diplomats that the meeting would call attention to the industrialized countries and international organization about the particular circumstances of middle-income countries.

Expected are official representatives of some 70 countries.

The session, which is June 12 to 14, is designed to develop strategy for the period after the millennium development goals expire in 2015.

Castillo announced in November that Costa Rica would host the session. One goal is to create networks for prosperity and concentrate on the role and position of middle-income countries in regional and global development issues, said the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, which is a sponsor.

The conference will also look at inclusive growth and prosperity, sustainability and green industry and financing for sustainable economic development, said the U.N. agency, adding that these three topics are believed to be at the core of the interests of middle-income countries.

The objective of the conference is to create a platform for knowledge exchange and connection of middle-income countries and to develop a joint action plan as well as a declaration. The outcome of the conference should inspire further discussions on the trends and scenarios in a possible post-2015 development agenda, and facilitate the establishment and improvement of related network governance structures for knowledge sharing, including among middle-income countries, said the U.N.’s Networks for Prosperity initiative.

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