It took a murder case to get San José interested

I would like to respond to your article  “It Took Murder to Generate Action on the Caribbean Coast.”

You said: “Understandably those in the tourism business along the Caribbean coast feared that extensive publicity of the crimes would hurt business.” The truth is that many people, individuals, business owners and those in the tourism industry, have been working to get more police protection here and have been open and talking about the recent crimes, in search of solutions. A group of residents has recently worked to gain $18,000 in contributions from businesses and individuals to install surveillance cameras at critical points in the area.

You said, “Presumably many of the robbery reports did not reach the judicial police central headquarters in San José.” Whenever there is a crime, the victims are urged and helped to go to judicial police to file a denuncia. We believe that the denuncias filed will be sent to San José and get the attention of the authorities who determine what kind of police protection we have here.

The Caribbean coast is an area traditionally ignored by the government in San José. For example, when the police vehicle broke down a few months ago, no money was sent from San José for repairs. When a vehicle breaks down, months can be spent on red tape while the ability of the local officers to do their jobs and respond in a timely manner is seriously impacted. However it seems there were enough funds to send a number of new police vehicles to La Fortuna.

Our local police force works very hard to do the best they can with what they’ve got. They deserve credit for their hard work. Especially as they were the ones who got the first of the gang the same night the murder was committed. I feel it is more accurate to say that it took a murder to get the attention of the authorities in San José.

Lisa Valencia
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
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