It’s just the end of an ice age and all part of a long cycle

I just finished reading the last of many articles about global warming and the rant by politicians from areas most likely to be affected by rising sea levels for the need to find someone to blame and pay for the inevitable changes to coast lines caused by melting ice caps. Accompanying that is the farce of buying and exchanging energy credits and carbon credits. Which as we know are just another way of wrangling money out of those least likely to profit from the exchange.

I sympathize with folks whose properties may at some time be washed away by rising sea waters, but I really have issues with those who are so egocentric that they think the puniness of man’s technology over the last 200 years is to blame.

Granted, I am no scientist, but I do read and study geology and the changes that have occurred on earth during the milineas. It seems that only a few individuals have awakened to see that we are simply coming out of an ice age that started thousands of years ago.

It is pretty well established that the extinction of large animals in North America 10,000 years ago happened as a result of warming climate that no longer provided the habitat needed for the great mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and other large beasts.

If one looks back to the beginnings of North American history since the arrival of the Europeans, there are countless articles about the impassibility of the Inland Passage from Alaska to Seattle because of the great ice sheets that covered the waterways.

Ice sheets have been covering and receding across North America for eons. Each time they retreated, coast lines were flooded and those living in sea margins were inundated or forced to leave their homes.

At the same time, those living in the prairies saw the increase in grasses and woodlands. Some saw the advances of arid conditions. It is a cycle that has been occurring long before man started using fossil fuels.

The other thing to remember is that after each period of rising temperature, the cold returned. It, too, brought drought to certain areas. If we are to fear anything, it should be the return of the ice ages. We can modify our existence to grow food a few more or less latitudes from the equator, regardless of the sea levels. But once the ice age returns, those areas will shrink exponentially and our need for food and fuel will greatly outweigh our ability to provide for the billions of people on the earth. The ice ages, not global warming, are what nations need to be most concerned about. The most important thing people can do about the rising sea level is to move.

Changes in climate happen in cycles regardless of man’s intervention. The biggest problem for man is that he has been mobile in the past, and now population is so great and man is so vested in his infrastructure that mass populations is difficult and those in coastal areas will be most affected by the changes.

Deborah Gallagher
Silverton, Oregon

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