Local group backs Argentina in claim over Falkland Islands

A group of Costa Ricans has asked the legislature to refrain from sending observers for the referendum next Sunday and Monday by residents of the Falkland Island.

Despite decisively losing a war over the islands, Argentina had renewed its request for negotiations. Costa Rica has backed the request. The British government says there is nothing to negotiate.

The island is important because of possible oil reserves nearby.

It was 30 years ago when Argentine troops invaded the island, which is occupied mostly by descendants of British settlers.

Some residents here have created the Grupo Costarricense Solidario Malvinas Argentinas. It says there are historical and geographical reasons that Argentina should reclaim the islands, which are called Malvinas in the Latin world.

The Falklands are a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The referendum simply asks if residents are happy with the current status. If the majority of the voters say no, the British government said it will hold more referendums to narrow the choices. However, the voting is expected to be heavily for continuation of the current status.

The Grupo Costarricense Solidario Malvinas Argentinas said it does not want Costa Rica to send observers because it considers the referendum illegitimate.

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