Murder suspects remanded to prison for two months

Two men who are suspects in the murder of a 17-year-old girl just over the border in Panamá will spend the next two months in preventative detention, a judge ruled Monday.

They are the men with the last names of Saravia Astorga and Astorga Saravia, according to the Poder Judicial. They were captured early Saturday after a gang of five men held up a small store a short distance from Costa Rica in Panamá.

Costa Rican law says that when a crime has taken place outside the country but there are effects inside Costa Rica, the case will be heard in the capital. That is why the men were ordered held by a judge in Goicoechea.

The gang engaged a member of the family that owns the store in a firefight, and the girl suffered a mortal wound. Her family took her to the clinic in Hone Creek, Costa Rica, where she died. She was identified as Ayad Said Alsur.

Police in both countries still seek persons connected with the crime. They are believed to be Costa Rican.

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