Nation’s World Cup soccer hopes on line in Denver

The eyes and hopes of Costa Rica are focused on a soccer stadium in Commerce City, Colorado, tonight where the national team takes on the U.S. selection.

This is a qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Soccer-crazy Costa Rica will be getting a double dose because the national team plays Jamaica Tuesday.

The U.S. team played one game and lost to Honduras, which now is in first place in the North, Central America and Caribbean region.

Although the game is on national television here tonight, some Costa Ricans have booked flights and will be at the game in person.  For one taxi driver, the trip, hotel room and game tickets represent income for a couple of months.

U.S. forward and new captain Clint Dempsey, a star for England’s Tottenham Hotspur, says he and his American teammates know what’s at stake.

“We have to score goals, so it’s always good playing back in the States and having that home field advantage.  But it’s definitely about winning at home, because it’s crucial if you’re not winning at home, well, then your chances of qualifying for the World Cup don’t look good,” Dempsey said.

Soccer is big news here, and the local television stations had crews in Denver interviewing Costa Rican players as they got off an airplane Wednesday night.

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