Pacific coast residents ready to set up blockade over road dust

As the dry season approaches its end, the roads have more dust and the smoke from the sugar cane fires lingers in the air and reddens the eyes and throats.

Out in Tamarindo, the dust is about the last straw after the Municipalidad de Santa Cruz has promised for years to put asphalt on the 28 de abril road, according to residents.

That is why they are planning a blockade for 7 a.m. Thursday.

Email messages said that the residents are trying to apply pressure on municipal officials in Santa Cruz. The blockade will be at the Villareal intersection, a resident said. The protest will be multi-national, they added.

“The municipality of Santa Cruz has been promising for years to asphalt the road,” said another resident. “Not only do they not asphalt it. But, the grading of the road is so sporadic, we are constantly having to repair our vehicles, the dust is doing great damage to our cars, and the residence and homeowners along the road are constantly sick.”

This is not the only spot in Costa Rica where residents are irked by the dusty condition of the roads.

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