Prosecutors going back to school for oral training

The country’s judiciary is continuing the process to oral hearings. So the top officials are tying to create a few Perry Masons.

Mason, of course, is the radio and television defense lawyer created by Erle Stanley Gardner. When played by Raymond Burr on television he demonstrated all the qualities that define the Anglo-Saxon practitioner of justice.

Now Costa Rica is conducting training so that prosecutors have the same qualities, including clarity, precision and coherency. In other words, they have to think on their feet.

The prosecutors also are supposed to speak correct Spanish and avoid slangy words and phrases.

The judicial also is conducting training in grammar for prosecutors.

There is another course that addresses editing as it related to criminal texts. Judicial officials also are trying to eliminate non-standard words and phrases in written orders and appeals. Plus they are emphasizing those aspects of Spanish grammar, such as the tilde and when and where to use capital letters. All are important in legal papers and appeals.

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