Saturday’s Puriscal gathering will honor artist Vincent van Gogh

Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh never visited Puriscal, but he will be honored nevertheless by a gathering in that town Saturday.

The occasion is the 160th birthday celebration on the troubled artist and another effort by expats Catherine and Roland Klein to create a culturally meaningful event.

They said that 50 persons already have registered for the event even though registration was not required.

This is the same couple who celebrated the birthday of Charles Darwin in February.

According to the program, the event Saturday will be more complex.

Joseph Kaknes, who played Van Gogh in a one-man show with a local theater group last year plans on painting two Van Goghs at the event, said the couple. “We have a line-up of speakers doing audio visual presentations on the history of modern art, a biography of Vincent van Gogh, daily life in 19th century France, and a plethora of other fun things like a mock gallery of Van Gogh’s art, about a hundred representative works in chronological order to show the development of his works,” they said. Although Dutch, Van Gogh did most of his work in France.

The gathering is at the couple’s finca about eight kilometers (about five miles) outside of Puriscal Centro.

The couple can be reached at 2416-0893 or 2416-2154 and at They are calling the event a Tropical ChautauQua. That’s a play on the adult education movement that started in the 19th century around Chautauqua Lake in upstate New York.

The event, which is a potluck, begins at noon and continues for the rest of the day, in part, to accommodate newcomers. A .pdf file with more details is available buy email. It also includes transportation instructions.

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