Semana Santa also is a time to prepare for May Day

While many Costa Ricans go on vacation next week for Semana Santa, some who have a gripe will be getting ready for the May 1 workers’ day parade.

The Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados says that its union members will be working all April to prepare signs and banners. But they will not be the only ones.

International labor Day will be celebrated for the 100th time May 1 in Costa Rica. Coincidentally this year is the runup to the February 2014 presidential and legislative elections.

So the traditional May Day parade from Parque la Merced to the legislature also will be a time to express preferences.

The political parties who have united to oppose San José Mayor Johnny Araya and his Partido Liberación Nacional have yet to put forth a champion.

May 1 also is the day that the Asamblea legislative elects a leadership for the coming year. And President Laura Chinchilla will give her state of the nation speech.

But the fun will be earlier that day outside. Anyone can join the May Day parade line of march. Certainly a large contingent will be there to oppose genetically modified corn and the planting of such seeds in Costa Rica. Also there will be those who oppose drilling for petroleum in northern Costa Rica, the construction of a $1 billion container handling facility in Moín and maybe even the rice farmers who want a higher price from the state for their product.

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