She enjoys mountain home and appreciates this country

Cheers to Jere Land for the comments shared in the letterconcerning expats complaining about life in Costa Rica. It is not my place to criticize the way things are done. Instead, I celebrate the chance I was given to move here and enjoy living a life of contentment.

Having visited various parts of this country for half-a-dozen years, I found myself tired of life in the U.S. and expenses there. So I chose to try life in a rented small house up a mountain outside of Grecia for 90 days, giving myself that time to find a more permanent living situation. That became renting a perfect small house again near Grecia for the past couple of years.

Yes, they burn sugarcane. Yes, the tractors and commercial vehicles spew exhaust. Yes, cars are noisy, and, finally, recycling is difficult. But despite flaws in paradise, I have orchids growing in my kitchen and carport. Birds delight me as do the geckos visiting me. At first the bars on the windows and carport scared me, but I soon got used to them.

The best part and what most expats ignore is how kind and helpful most of the people can be. Too much is said by expats in the way of criticism when their plans to make it big in Costa Rica fail and they are unable to sell their “Mc-mansions” for profit. Their businesses don’t quite excel. Roads and sidewalks are uneven. Drivers can be locos, so I take a bus. American brands can be expensive, so I substitute or do without.

The idea of living the American dream in Costa Rica does not compute. Instead, love and appreciate this wonderful country for what it is and its potential. . .  or please go back to your seemingly preferred lifestyle in the U.S.

Linda Joyce Field
San Isidro de Grecia
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