Soccer game in the snow results in loss for Costa Rica

The U.S. national soccer team won a 1-0 victory Friday in a snowy game with the Costa Rican team in Commerce City, Colorado. The game was one of the qualifiers for a berth in the World Cup competition in Brazil next year.

The conditions to which Costa Ricans are not accustomed, prompted complaints and a formal protest from the Tico squad.

The snow started falling before the game began. The flakes were wet and large. A later report said as much as 11 inches fell in the area over Friday night and Saturday morning.

Officials stopped the game briefly after about 55 minutes of play to have snow cleared from the lines. Some Costa Ricans said they thought the game should have been rescheduled. The weather was more typical of a Green Bay, Wisconsin, American football game than soccer.

The teams played with a yellow and black ball, but even that was sometimes hard to see in the snow.

There did not seem to be incidents of players losing their footing because of the snow. Some even played in short sleeves.

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