Stickup, shootout and crash leads to arrest of two suspects

Two suspects were detained Tuesday after two men stuck up a supermarket in Guápiles.

The Judicial Investigating Organization gave this account:

Two men approached the store at 8:30 p.m. on a motorcycle. One of the men went inside and threatened the cashier with a handgun before taking 20,000 colons from the register and a package of cigarettes.

The man returned to the motorcycle where the driver was waiting, and they left. The police caught up to the suspects within five kilometers. Noticing their presence, the men fired shots at the officers.

The men were apprehended when the motorcycle collided head on with the vehicle of judicial agents who were traveling in the opposite direction.

The suspects, Carlos Méndez Barboza, 33, and Mauricio Brenes Pineda, 29, were taken to the Hospital de Guápiles.

Investigators say they will continue investigations because it is possible the men are suspects in other assaults in the area.

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