Super gasoline can help motorists pass emissions test

I  took my Isuzu Trooper into RTV and failed the emissions test.  I took my car to the garage, and they wanted to charge me thousands of colons to diagnose and fix the problem.  Then I remembered reading about how the regular gas refined at RECOPE was determined to be of very low quality.  My car also had a tendency to stall sometimes when in idle.  I talked to an American friend who was a mechanic and he told me to tank up with super.  I did, and my car was running great after that, no more stalls and much, much better gas mileage.  When you consider the much better mileage, I think super ends up being cheaper than regular here in Costa Rica.

This got me to thinking, why not just bring it in again to RTV after a few tanks of super.  It worked, passed with no problem.

My advice before going to RTV

1. Let your tank go to near empty and fill up with super.  Run through two or more tanks of super before going into RTV.

2. Check all of your auto lights before going into RTV.  Especially your license plate light.  One year I failed the test because that bulb burned out.

Hope this helps your readers avoid the problems I had.

Edward Bridges
Desamparados for 20 years
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