Tarrazú coffee growers plan a festival to show their products

Those who love coffee or who just want to learn about one of the country’s major cash crops can visit the first Tarrazú coffee festival March 22 to March 24.

The event will bring together growers from three cantons: Dota, Tarrazú and León Cortes, said the organizer, the Asociación de Microbeneficios de los Santos. The event will be in the central park of San Pablo de León Cortes.

The association said that there has been a change in the way small growers market their crops. Instead of selling the coffee to a middleman, growers are marketing their own production themselves. The festival will feature what is being described as the country’s largest coffee pot.

Growers will be at their own stands ready to describe their work and the aspects of their own coffee.

Of course, organizers are hoping that visitors will go home with packages of coffee.

Sunday there is a contest for the best barista or coffee server. The contest is a preliminary to an international one.

The festival comes at a time when coffee is under attack from a fungus in Costa Rica, and there are predictions that perhaps half the crop will be lost.

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