That’s a lot of trouble in order to snag a free beer

A.M. Costa Rica/Kayla Pearson
The flexible chit is the fake.

How low would someone go to get a free beer?

Pretty low, according to the experiences of a local bar owner.

Bobby Dempsey, who operates Papi’s Sports Bar & Grill at Avenida Primera and Calle 7, decided to use a marketing idea. He would sell five or more bottles of beer at one time at a special price. He did not originate the idea, and similar offers can be found all over town.

To keep the beer from getting warm, the patron received chits, round plastic tokens like a casino chip. Want another beer? Give the waitress a chit.

The idea cut down on the paperwork and reduced the number of individual transactions. And maybe patrons bought a little more beer. That was before someone began counterfeiting Dempsey’s chits.

He said he pays 400 colons to have them manufactured, so someone is at least expending 400 colons in energy and computer time to scan and produce the fakes. That’s why Dempsey ended the promotion Monday.

The only difference between the originals and the fakes was that the counterfeit chits were more flexible, Dempsey said.

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