That’s a lot of work to steal just one sack of green coffee

Judicial Investigating Organization photo
Sacks of coffee await recovery in Guápiles

Someone carried off a shipping container of green coffee that was awaiting transport at the Limón port. The container was among 14 scheduled to go to Europe, and it held 275 sacks of coffee, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

About 8 p.m. Thursday workers at the port realized that they were one container short. The containers were parked near the Limón park and apparently not inside the secure port area.

But agents said they received a confidential tip as to the location of the missing container. Based on that information they found the container at an old sausage factory in Río Jiménez de Guápiles.

But the crooks got away with one sack, they said.

The container was returned to the docks, and there was no arrest.

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