The final goal is to create carbon credits and more taxes

RE: Climate scientists need to get to work and generate some hard data. HERE!

That’s what we have been telling them for literally years, and they have not done so for a very good reason: What hard data there is does not support their fear-and-scam goal of creating carbon credits and taxes, which involve literally trillions of dollars for those who manage to control them.  We used to think that scientists were people who were above being influenced by mere money, the great goal was knowledge. But then the tobacco scientists and the pharmaceutical scientists and now the climate scientists have shown up one by one and let us find out the hard way that we have been deluding ourselves.

Do you have any idea how much money Big Tobacco and Big Pharma made as a result of their preferred scientific conclusions?  Sure, they pay fines all the time — much too regularly to be completely innocent — but they are relative slaps on the wrist compared to the profits.

Now the federal government and their friends are trying to create a stock exchange that will dwarf the NYSE and produce a cash flow in fees and taxes that can scarcely be described.

BUT this won’t work unless the people have been convinced that disaster is IMMINENT if they do not act NOW!  We can’t wait for scientific results because the dangers are so great!  I have an intelligent but unscientific liberal friend who is willing to go along because he reasons that even if they’re wrong about the global warming at least their plans will reduce pollution and clean up the environment.  With people like that willing to vote for the scam, what need do the scientists have to produce real data?  They not only have fear working for them, they also have hope on their side.

What amazes me about people is if you go back in history only the last couple of decades you will find a whole series of frenzied warnings that unless immediate climate action is taken RIGHT THEN that a tipping point will have been reached, after which it will simply be too late to do anything, sorry, game over. But after about a dozen or so of these apocalyptic predictions have passed their Sell By date, it is by now either already far, far too late, or else they were all wrong each time. But people don’t seem to remember how many times the end of the world has been predicted in the past, it seems, but always become panicked when the next guy comes along.

I sometimes wonder why I try because you don’t seem to be able to warn people in advance. Ponzi, Madoff, Ken Lay, Costa Rica’s famous The Brothers: Their intelligent and rich customers should have known better from the beginning, but didn’t, finally learning their lessons only after millions and millions of dollars had been misappropriated.

But only temporarily, because this next guy, now, he has a real program and it’s vitally important. Let me show you my computer results, he says, which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt…

Huh? Where did he get his data to produce his computer models? Uh, well, you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about.

The simple fact that this song has 63 verses is discouraging enough, all by itself.
Gregg Calkins
La Fortuna

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