There is an upside to prediction of weekend wind

The beginning of March means that there are not many more dry season weekends left. A surprise sprinkling this week gave notice that there is a change brewing.

This weekend might be one of the last where there will be no afternoon rain.

But it will be chilly. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that a cold front is moving in and bringing strong winds with it. The temperature might go as low as 10 degrees C Saturday and Sunday mornings. That could be as low as 50 degrees F, and an unusual cold wave for the Central Valley.

Of course, the chill will be more pronounced in the higher elevations.

The weather institute also predicts rain for the Caribbean and the northern zone due to the front.

The institute said that such conditions might continue until Monday. A warning was issued for pilots of small planes and boats. And Caribbean residents were told to keep an eye on nearby streams and rivers in case they are fed by rains in the mountains.

The weather institute also urged farmers and other residents from doing any burning over the weekend because of the winds. Now is the time sugar cane producers are burning the fields in advance of harvest.

That would not be a good idea this weekend, according to the weather institute warning. Compliance with the request probably will make many expats happy, too. Some have been complaining about the burning, the heavy smoke and the rain of ash.

What may be a good idea is flying kites. Central Valley parks were filled last weekend, but the winds were not cooperating. A flood of Costa Ricans are expected again this weekend for family picnics.

Vendors sell kites in Parque La Sabana and Parque de la Paz in San José, and the areas are free of dangerous power lines.

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