There’s some Costa Rica influence in the Auld Sod

Heredia resident Michael Connolly points to the name of the Pura Vida Coffee House and Bakery that he came upon in downtown Galway, Ireland, in February. Photo by Mary Devin Mitchell

Every March as St. Patrick’s Day approaches columnists dwell on the Irish contribution to the world. There even is a 1995 book titled “How the Irish Saved Civilization,” recounting the works of the Eighth century monks who kept and made copies of crucial literary works.

Then there is the great exodus from Ireland mainly to the United States in the 1840s that brought waves of creative and hard-working immigrants and uncountable numbers of politicians.

But now here comes Michael Connolly of Santa Cecilia de San Isidro de Heredia who can show that there has been some influence from Costa Rica that showed up in Ireland. He found the Pura Vida Coffee House and Bakery on Quay Street in Galway last February.

The coffee house is in the city’s Latin Quarter, so there is no certainty that the management is Costa Rican. However, Connolly said in an email that workers there said that the owner was from here. Online sources identify the owner by the first name of Rob, but there is no history.

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