Third suspect in murder remanded to detention

A man who was detained Monday in Talamanca for his connection with a robbery of a small store in Las Delicias, Panamá, early Saturday morning has been remanded to prison for six months.

The robbery resulted in a shootout that fatally wounded 17-year-old Ayad Said Alsur, daughter of the store owners.

The Poder Judicial identified the detained man by the last names López Gutiérrez. The arrest was based on an identification by the victim’s father and owner of the store that López was one of the persons who held up the business, said the Poder Judicial.

The owner also recognized the clothes the suspect was wearing as ones taken from his business, a release said. The robbers wore masks.

Lopéz was ordered held for six months pre-trial detention, the amount of time requested by public prosecutors in Bribri.

The suspect, who is Panamanian, was also found Monday with the possession of a gun that was supposedly stolen during the armed robbery of Hotel Samasití on the Caribbean coast, said the Poder Judicial.

Two other men suspects in the robbery were picked up Sunday and have been ordered held for two months of pre-trial detention.

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