Two expats accused of adding a little zest to the baking mix

A.M. Costa Rica graphic
Two different types of brownies. Eat one, see the other.

Some shoppers had a high time at the weekend agricultural fair in Quepos. But not everyone appreciated it.

Fuerza Pública officers said they received tips from residents that there was something extra in that brownie recipe. A U.S. citizen and a Canadian were selling the baked goods at the feria. The recipe was right out of the Alice B. Toklas cookbook.

Police detained both men and identified the Canadian by the last name of Reid. They said he was 56. The U.S. citizen was identified by the last name of Francis. He was reported to be 63.

Officers said that they detected a strong odor of an illegal weed in some of the brownies. But they needed experts. Experts on drugs, that is, and not culinary expertise. So the Policía de Control de Drogas became involved. Officers reported that 18 of 37 brownies contained marijuana.

Both men were freed after questioning by prosecutors.

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