Two more crocodiles for Santa Ana facility

Santa Ana residents are getting some new neighbors of the Crocodylidae variety.

The zoo in San José reported Friday that it has constructed a 600-square meter area for crocodiles. That’s about 6,458 square feet.

The Santa Ana facility of the Parque Zoológico y Jardín Botánico Nacional Simón Bolívar has had a male crocodile since 2005. This was a critter that broke a leg, and he was treated in Santa Ana. The two crocodiles that are being moved there are females.

All are American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus), which can be found in the Pacific from northern México to northern Perú and in the Atlantic from northern México to the coast of Venezuela, said the zoo.

The zoo said in a release that one reason for the transfer was the safety at the facility in northern San José.

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