Unified development plan sought for Latin America

At the closing session of a regional conference in Bogotá, Colombia, authorities from several Latin American and Caribbean countries and international experts agreed on the urgency of building a global, unified, comprehensive and equitable post-2015 development agenda that is relevant to everyone.

The Conference on Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Follow-up to the development agenda beyond 2015 and Rio+20, which began on 7 March in Bogotá, was organized by the government of Colombia and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and was attended by all United Nations agencies in the region, as well as intergovernmental and civil-society organizations.

Over three days, participants discussed the challenges facing the region in terms of building a more ambitious post-2015 development agenda that promotes growth with greater cultural awareness, solidarity with the most vulnerable societies, inclusion, protection, social equality and environmental sustainability.

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