Vacationers get warnings from government agencies

Semana Santa is a time when the bulk of the population enjoys a week-long vacation and returns to school work refreshed.

But some never return.  Water accidents, falls and traffic mishaps are high on the list of dangers confronting vacationers, and public agencies are issuing warnings.

The national energy commission, for example, has a list of cautions for those who might visit some of the country’s active volcanos.

The main caution is to follow the instructions of park guards and signs. The commission also suggests that volcano visitors bring a handkerchief and a bottle of water in case they are hit with some of the acidic fumes.

There were three motor vehicle deaths over the weekend. This is not an unusual number for any weekend.

A 17- year-old died Saturday in Miramar when the vehicle he was driving overturned, said judicial agents.

A motorcyclist, identified by the last name of  Zúñiga, died Saturday about 10:40 p.m. in Alajuelita in a collision with another motorcycle, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

A 26-year-old man died Sunday in the Nicoya hospital from injuries suffered on a motorcycle-vehicle mishap near Sámara. about 3 a.m. The Judicial Investigating Organization identified him by the last name of Zeledón.

There also were assorted injuries from knife play Saturday night and early Sunday. But there were no fatalities, said judicial investigators. None appeared to be linked to the holiday.

Police also issued warnings, including one that said homeowners who vacation should make an effort to have a trusted family member or friend keep an eye on their home.  Holidays are periods of elevated thefts.

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